Find the answers to common questions about our events.

Once the winner of a raffle has been selected, tickets will be electronically sent to the winner via email within thirty minutes of being drawn. With One in 100’s Ticket Protection Guarantee, raffle ticket purchasers are guaranteed to receive their tickets prior to the event.

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your raffle entry once you’ve purchased a raffle ticket.

When events are cancelled, full refunds will be issued automatically.

Once you have successfully purchased a raffle ticket, you will be automatically re-directed to a “Thank You” page letting you know you purchased your raffle ticket successfully and indicating when the winner of the draw will be announced. You will also receive an email confirmation within minutes of successfully purchasing your raffle ticket.

This varies event-by-event. When on the page of an event, the time for when the winner will be announced will be clearly indicated. Also, once you’ve purchased a raffle ticket, the time for when the winner will be announced will be indicated on the “Thank You” page and in the email confirmation. Generally speaking, winners will be announced:
  • 5 days before event date for NHL and NBA events, concerts and music festivals
  • 3 days before event date for MLB events
  • 7 days before event date for special events

Every event comes with a minimum of two tickets unless otherwise specified.

If an event is officially canceled, full refunds will be issued automatically and you will be notified via email.

NFE stands for no free entry, as some events are more expensive for customers to join, and to make it fair for those paying customers, these events do not allow for free raffle entries.

Don’t worry: Rest assured all event tickets are real and are backed by One in 100’s Ticket Protection Guarantee.

The QR code is scanned right off of your smartphone at the event venue.

In the very unlikely chance you have a problem getting into your event, please contact our Customer Service Team immediately at 1-877-542-6662 and we’ll find a way to make things right.

Each raffle is limited to one entry per customer; this way, everyone has a fair chance at winning. We guarantee you with a One in 100 chance to win every raffle.

Prize Value refers to the price One in 100 pays for the pair of tickets for an event.

The service fee helps keep our platform running and continues to give us the chance to offer you a One in 100 chance to win a pair of tickets to your favorite events.

All gift cards are electronically sent to winners via email up to 24 hours following the winner being announced.

All raffle ticket prices and service fees are in USD currency.

One in 100 schedules events 90 days at a time. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know if we’ll be adding an event you’re interested in.

Once you sign up and add your first raffle ticket to your cart, a promo code will be automatically applied before your place your order – making your first raffle ticket free.